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Toad and Sew logo graphic and header for September quilt color palette inspiration.

September Toad-Spo: Quilt Color Palette Inspiration

This month's Toad-Spo is inspired by my wedding colors! We're tying the knot at a summer camp, and the theme is reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film. I believe these colors capture the essence of early fall, reflect our personalities, and align perfectly with the adventurous spirit of the entire wedding weekend. Naturally, I couldn't resist creating some quilty palettes inspired by this theme because I'm absolutely obsessed with it!

Floyd quilt pattern by Toad and Sew showcasing the color palette for September. Break out graphic featuring each color used.

Mood Collage for September Quilt Color Palette

Taylor Krz’s, Toad and Sew Creator, wedding invitations alongside images of Floyd quilt all featuring September’s colors.
Combination of above images linked by a color wheel displaying the September color palette by Toad and Sew.
Close-up image of the Floyd quilt with a line of circles down the middle showing a larger swatch of each color used.
September quilt color palette graphic with long, horizontal lines of the yellows, oranges, blue and brown shades used.


This month’s featured Toad & Sew quilt pattern is the Floyd Quilt! Floyd is part of a pair with its sister quilt, Grove. Both were released together in a double quilt pattern release back in 2021. I had a hard time deciding which design I wanted to go with between the two patterns and decided “Why not both?” Floyd and Grove are great stand-alone quilts, but pair beautifully together. I love seeing these two quilts being made and gifted to siblings or partners!

The Floyd quilt is a modern quilt pattern that is rated as "confident" beginner. It is a medallion style pattern - meaning that it is constructed from the inner sections to the outer sections. This quilt is made up of different sections, where you will be learning different quilting techniques such as 4 at-a-time HSTs. This pattern is a great alternative to the Grove pattern if you are nervous about sewing curves for the first time!

A pair of barefoot feet atop the Floyd quilt with September’s colors aside a whimsical stuffed animal chicken purse.

The Toad-Spo Floyd quilt in our September colors was made entirely of Art Gallery Fabrics print and solid fabrics! On the top, we went with Pure Solids in the colors Créme de la Créme, Parisian Blue, Ocean Waves, Canary, English Toffee, Tigerlily, and Vanilla Custard. Since I found my inspiration from my wedding colors, venue, and overall vibe for this month, it was super easy for me to put this fabric pull together. I love this laid back color palette, as it reminds me of fun memories from my past and exciting future memories of my wedding!!

Labeled color swatches of the fabrics used in the quilt. Each swatch is labeled with the corresponding color name.

The Floyd Quilt has quite a few half square triangles in its design. But since I have the pattern written to make the half square triangles using the 4 at a time method, sewing them up goes by pretty quickly! This trimming part is an inevitable part of making these quilt blocks. I’m not going to lie, this isn’t my favorite thing in the world, but it is oh so satisfying once they are all trimmed! Just grab a rotating cutting mat or a Stripology ruler and install a fresh blade on your rotary cutter before trimming - it’ll make all the difference!!

Half square triangles alongside fabric scraps cut to make the fabric blocks for the Floyd quilt pattern by Toad and Sew.

Floyd’s design makes a huge impact with its medallion style center and stripped outer borders! This throw size quilt finishes at 72” x 72” making it a great “cuddle on the couch” size. Darcy did a great job sewing up this quilt top and an even better job holding up this huge quilt top. I feel like quilt holders don’t get enough credit for all of the work they put into getting that perfect photo!

Finished Floyd quilt featuring the medallion center being held up in a backyard.The quilt is huge coming in at 72” x72”.


Our fabulous longarm quilter for September is of course Ashley Perkins of Hen House Quilting! We are big fans of Ashley around here - not only because she’s a FANTASTIC quilter but also because is a pretty cool chick too! ;) If you are in need of a longarm quilter, we definitely recommend checking out Ashley for your quilting needs!

Toad and Sew Floyd quilt made in the longarm quilting style by Ashley Perkins and draped over a longarm quilting machine.
Close-up of the retro wall pantograph with a design of echoing swirled stitches for the longarm Floyd quilt pattern.

Since the theme of this quilt is basically laid back and old-school campgrounds, we knew we had to pick a pantograph that gave the same overall feel. We toyed around with the idea of having a mountain-esque feel to it - think triangles and diamonds. While it might have made a really good pairing with this quilt, we ended up choosing this swirly echoing pantograph called Retro Wall. After seeing it stitched into the quilt, with the September quilt color palette, we knew we made the right call. It turned out so so good!!


The backing fabric for the September Floyd Toad-Spo sample is this Hidden Land Marigold print from Art Gallery Fabrics. This print was giving off a golden bandana feel and just felt like it belonged! Plus, having another yellow on the back adds a bit of extra sunshine to this quilt too. We finished this September Toad-Spo sample off with a little bit more of the bright red orange Tigerlily color from the stripes in the borders.

Floyd quilt with the corners folded in showing the backing fabric, the Hidden land Marigold print by Art Gallery Fabrics.
Floyd pattern quilt with September color palette inspired by Toad and Sew creator’s wedding, draped on a white brick wall.

We absolutely love how this turned out! Darcy and Ashley did such a great job making this Floyd quilt come to life. If you’d like to make this quilt, you can now grab the quilt pattern on sale through the weekend! Use the code FLOYDSEPT20 at checkout for 20% off the Floyd quilt pattern.

Graphic for Toad and Sew coupon code for the Floyd quilt pattern. The code is for September 2023 and is ‘FLOYDSEPT20.’
Recipe card for the Floyd quilt pattern with the September color palette. Includes color names and amounts of fabric needed.


Headshot for Toad and Sew quilter Darcy. She is wearing a salmon-colored shirt and standing outside in the sunshine.

Our featured maker this month is Darcy! She is from Duluth, Georgia and has been quilting for about 3 years after learning how from the lovely Michelle Collins of Cool People Quilt! She is a big fan of anything from Ruby Star Society. She’s made quite a few quilts for herself that are made up of all RSS fabrics. Though, Darcy finds herself drawing inspiration from all fabrics. The perfect day for her would be walking around a fabric store pulling colors for hours - most like in her go-to colors of pink, red, copper, and sometimes something blue for a splash of cool tones.

When Darcy is in the sewing zone, you’ll find her stitching along with her favorite tv shows and movies playing in the background. She’s often working towards her big goal of making a quilt for every bed in her house, but of course you have to take breaks in between for the fun, smaller projects. Her sewing animal side-kick was her little Westie, Jane. She just passed away and will be deeply missed on all of Darcy’s future quilting endeavors. She was the best quilt comfort tester, but we know she’ll always be giving her stamp of approval from the rainbow bridge. 🌈

Fun Facts:

  • Her dream superpower would be to make multiple copies of herself with a hivemind so she can do ALL THE THINGS!
  • She would love to live in the 70s because of the fashion.
  • She’s been to 7 Phish concerts this summer!
  • Her favorite food is Ratatouille.

You all should go check out Darcy on Instagram and give her a follow! Not only will you find quilting photos there, but she often posts about other textile and fiber art hobbies too! Her profile is a great place for inspiration!


Grove Quilt

Recipe card for Grove pattern by Toad and Sew with the color palette for September. Send to a shop to get a quilt fabric kit!

Booths Corner Quilt

Toad and Sew recipe card for Booths Corner pattern. Use the September color palette inspo for fabric to make this quilt.

Rocky Coast Quilt

September color palette recipe card for Rocky Coast quilt. This Toad and Sew pattern mimics a mountain range type style.

Caria Quilt

Available to Toad Circle members only

An exclusive Toad circle members quilt pattern for the Caria quilt. Make your version of this quilt with the recipe card.

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Collage of photos of the Floyd quilt in the bright colors from the Toad and Sew September palette inspiration.

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