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Upcoming MQSAL: Arete Quilt

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MQSAL dates: Jul 30 - Sept 24

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Toad Circle is a space where hobbies combine. The book club + mystery quilt SAL is an event that opens once every 3 months. It consists of an 8 week long book club + SAL with lots of extra goodies along the way! Sign-ups open 4 times a year. If you are interested in being part of Toad Circle but sign-ups aren't open, join the newsletter to be the first to know about openings!

Here's what to expect when becoming a member of Toad Circle: 

Book Club

Get together with your fellow book-lovers and read along! The book will be chosen by the club and discussed along the way.

Toad Circle Community

Join in and be social with the group of quilters sewing along with you! This is a place for creative discussions, community advice, and collective forum. 

Mystery Quilt SALs

There will be four Mystery Quilt Sew Alongs (SALs) each year. The pattern for the SAL will be unknown until the end where you'll get to see the mystery blocks come together into a fun throw size quilt!

Bonus projects

In between SALs we still like to have fun! The bonus projects range anywhere from block-swaps, garment SALs, to small sewing projects like book sleeves, totes, and more!

exclusive merch

You'll have access to Toad Circle's exclusive merch! This includes t-shirts, stickers, and more!

cheater club

Mystery patterns not your thing? Don't worry with the Toadster Membership you have the option to see the pattern during Week 1 of the SAL! Not a Toadster member? Upgrade your tier anytime!

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April Specialty Project - Sewing Machine Organizer

Olivia Alaniz By Olivia Alaniz

January Specialty Project - Quilted Bulletin Board

Olivia Alaniz By Olivia Alaniz

Our Mission

At Toad Circle, we believe in the magic of combining hobbies (that are mostly introverted) to create a vibrant community of like-minded people of all skill-levels and backgrounds! Our quarterly Book Club + Mystery Quilt SAL (sew along) is a unique 8-week journey that brings together the love of reading and quilting, enriched with exciting surprises along the way. We open our doors to new members four times a year, inviting you to join our creative circle.

Previous Toad Circle SAL's

Lemon Blossom Quilt

Book: Weyward by Emilia Hart

Toadster Member Only


Book: Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson

Toadster member only


Book: The Unmaking of June Farrow


Cubism Quilt

Book: Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver

Toadster members only

Caria Quilt

Book: Happy Place by Emily Henry

now available in shop

Divergence Quilt

Book: Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan


Enigmatic quilt

Book: Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy

NOW available in shop

"I loved the Mystery SAL! I eagerly awaited each weeks email. I thought picking fabrics would be tough without knowing what the final quilt would look like but Taylor made it easy with her guide on how to pick out the fabric. I’m excited for the next Toad Circle Mystery SAL"

"I love quite literally every pattern Taylor makes, so it was exciting to do the MQAL because I KNEW I would be thrilled with the design but also got to be surprised by the end result! She provided an amazing level of guidance and support throughout the project and I cannot wait to participate again"

"As a beginner quilter, I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery QAL; it made the process a lot less intimidating, the community was motivating, and the pattern was flexible enough that I was able to use a lot of fabric that I already had. The “guess the block” challenge and show and tell at the end were especially fun!"

"I absolutely LOVED this experience. Having no idea of what the final quilt would look like made the final result so much more satisfying. It kept me on the edge of my seat each week, asking "what will happen next!?" I recommend it to anyone who wants to add a little bit of *mystery* into their quilting"

How long is the SAL?

The SAL will last 8 weeks!

What sizes do the mystery quilts come in?

The mystery quilt will be offered in one size - throw size.

How do I know what the quilt will look like?

You don't know! That's the fun behind the mystery SAL! You won't know the pattern design until the end of the SAL!

For Toadster Tier members only - You will have the option to look at the design on the quilt as early as Week 1! This will allow you to choose fabrics with the design in mind.

How do I pick fabrics for a quilt I haven't seen before?

The first week of the SAL is all about pciking fabrics! We have created a worksheet detailing the best way to go about choosing your fabrics for the mystery quilt.

For Toadlet and Toadster Tier members only - you will have access to attend the live Week 1 Zoom Circle meeting where we will discuss fabric choices!

For Toadster Tier members only - you will have access to premium Toad Circle Discord channels for personalized help with your fabrics!

How will I receive the pattern?

The pattern will be broken up into sections. A new section will be made available to you in your Toad Circle portal and in your weekly newsletter. Both places will allow you to download the PDF section directly onto your computer or device.

Will the Mystery Quilt pattern we available to purchase later?

Unfortunately at the moment, the pattern will only be available to the participants and members of the Toad Circle MQSAL!

Toadsters members only will have access to previous Toad Circle patterns.

What if I fall behind in sewing?

You will be able to download the pattern section PDF from your Toad Circle portals or from your weekly newsletters each week once it's released!

What book are we reading?

We will all vote on the book at the beginning of the SAL!

What if I fall behind in reading?

The Book Club novel is discussed at the end of the 8 week SAL, you've got some time to catch up! The Toad Circle Discord server also has separate channels for sections/chapters of the book to prevent any spoilers!

Where can I find the Toad Circle community?

On your Toad Circle portal page, there is a button to join the Toad Circle Discord server. This is where members will be chatting, asking questions, and hanging out!

Do I have to join Discord to access the community?

Yes. This is where the members will participate in the community aspect of Toad Circle. You do not have to join Discord to receive the SAL pattern, as the pattern will be delivered to your Toad Circle portal and in your weekly newsletters.

Zoom Sew-ins

Zoom sew-ins are bi-weekly and are often on Thursdays at 5 p.m. PST. (unless there is a holiday or something else that conflicts)

How much does it cost?

Tadpole Tier: This is a SAL only (no membership/community access) for a one-time payment of $16.

Toadlet Tier: $8/month OR $22/3 months OR $80/year

Toadster Tier: $12/month OR $30/3 months OR $108/year

Where do I log in to my portal?

You will log in right here in this website using the account icon at the top right.

If I am part of the Toadlet or Toadster membership, do I need to buy the SAL separately?

Nope! The mystery pattern and SAL are things that are included in the perks of the Toadlet and Toadster memberships!

can I pause my my membership if I can't participate in a sal?

While there is no official way of pausing your membership - you can cancel your membership and sign-up for the Lurker Tier if you want to remain in the Discord Community, and then reinstate your membership in time for the next SAL!

Can I cancel if I don't want to join the next SAL?

Absolutely! You can do so in your Membership portal.

Note: if you cancel in the middle of your 3 month or annual membership, you will not receive a refund and will continue to have access to Toad Circle until the end of your billing cycle.

Can I get a refund for my membership if I cancel or change my tier early?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds. You will continue to have access to Toad Circle until the end of your billing cycle if you cancel early. You will be charged immediately for any changes to your billing cycle or upgrade in tier level.

Can I use a Toad & Sew gift card for my membership subscription?

Yes! A gift card can be used for the initial payment and sign-up of Toad Circle. A credit card will be entered at checkout for all recurring payments. Any remaining balance on the gift card will not be applied to future payments.

Example: A gift card containing $50 was used to sign up for the $30 quarterly Toadster tier membership. The gift card will be used for the first payment. The remaining $20 will not be used and applied to the next scheduled $30 payment; this $20 will remain available on the gift card.