Frequently Asked Questions

I currently have all my testers set up for 2022, although, I am always looking who I can add to the group and/or keep in mind for future releases. If you are interested in testing for me please fill out this form and if I feel there is a fit I will add you to the list!


I have a Juki TL201Q. It typically costs between $900-$1,200 for the machine or a similar model. It is ONLY straight-stitch, meaning it doesn't have any fancy stitches, it literally only does a straight stitch! It is semi-industrial and overall a great machine! If you are looking for something with no-frills, I highly recommend it!

In general, I don't typically take on custom quilt orders. Although, if you don't have anything super specific in mind I do occasionally offer sample quilts. You will have some say regarding colors and a choice between 1-2 different upcoming patterns.

I spend a lot of time figuring out the measurements and sizes for all of my patterns. Most of the time there is a reason why I offered the sizes I did. If you would like to resize any of my patterns I cannot help you do that. Since most of my patterns are not block-based resizing can be tricky and will fall on you if you would like a different size then one thats clearly listed in the pattern!

Short answer, no. Long answer is that I typically use high-quality quilting cotton or tried and true solids that I know don't bleed in the wash. If I am using fabric that I am unsure of - or from a second-use store then I will prewash.

I'll admit some of my patterns are trickier then others for picking out colors. I try to include color tips in the release blog post of each pattern. If that still is not helping you, please reach out and I may be able to offer some more tips or suggestions.

For some more colorway ideas check out my inspo + mock-up page!

I have future plans to offer a mock-up tool to help with this process as well! More information to come!

I typically use multiple different design programs to sketch, edit, design, and layout my patterns. Some include Figma, Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop. I currently have a career in graphic design/illustration so that has allowed me to transfer the same skills/knowledge over into the quilting world!

At the moment I only sell digital PDFs of all my patterns. Printed patterns are currently in the works for wholesale orders only.

If you're a shop looking to sell my patterns wholesale - please check out my wholesale order page!