Rocky Coast - The Retro One

Talk about the endless creative possibilities for this pattern!! You can really morph this pattern into whatever you want, which is one of the reasons why I love it so much. For this sample, I really wanted to expand my comfort zone. Step away from a light background, and play with colors that really felt the most ME. This quilt truly feels like me, and I think it's one of my favorite makes to date. 
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Rocky Coast Release - The Cover Quilt

The Rocky Coast Quilt is now available in the shop and ready for purchase! This pattern is based off of HRTs (Half Right Triangles) and HSTs (Half Square Triangles) and is rated for the confident beginner.
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A Look Inside Toad & Sew’s Modern Quilting Color Schemes

Toad & Sew’s first pattern, the New Year’s Kiss quilt, calls for nine colors. It made a splash in the quilting corner of Instagram with its bold and modern colors paired with traditional shapes. These elements became Toad & Sew’s foundation. For instance, mauve sits directly next to burnt orange in the cover version of New Year’s Kiss. It’s not a combination you always see in a time when natural palettes and soft pastels reign supreme.
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TOAD-SPO - January '22

For this month’s Toad-Spo color scheme, I chose to celebrate the Pantone and Kona color of the year - PURPLE! Honestly, I’ve never really been a fan of purple. It’s a harder color to work with, but I’m seeing it everywhere lately and I can’t help but have a total change of heart. This color scheme is rich with vibrant bold and neon cool tones.
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TOAD-SPO - December ‘21

Some of you may already know this, but I regularly work on illustration/design projects for Microsoft. You may be wondering why I’m mentioning a major tech company in my quilting newsletter/blog - well, they’re actually experimenting with some exceptional color palettes that I get first-hand sneak-peeks at!
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