10 Gift Ideas For Quilters

1. Cool People Quilt Crewneck - $35  The Cool People Quilt t-shirt design is a collaboration between Toad and Sew and Meesh Quits featuring a...

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Welcome Home Quilt

If you've been following me over the past year, or even a few months for that matter, you may know that the name 'Welcome Home'...

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Relativity Quilt

When I first designed the Relativity Quilt, I think I was in search of a quick pattern that kind of rebelled against the modern quilting...

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Open Road Quilt - The Cover

Once upon a time, my partner and I irrationally and spontaneously bought a 1988 Itasca Sundancer (RV) named Linda, to go on a 2,000+ mile...

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New Years Kiss Quilt - The Cover

Everything You Need To Know About The New Years Kiss Quilt Welcome to my very first pattern, the New Years Kiss Quilt! This quilt holds...

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Sky Cabin SAL

Week 5 | Sky Cabin SAL

Olivia Alaniz By Olivia Alaniz

Week 4 | Sky Cabin SAL

Taylor Krz By Taylor Krz
sky cabin

Week 3 | Sky Cabin SAL

Olivia Alaniz By Olivia Alaniz