Week 5 | Sky Cabin SAL

Welcome to the final week of the #SkyCabinSAL! By the end of this week, we all will have a finished quilt top!! So exciting!

Our Week 5 grand prize reveal is free longarming and batting from the amazing Trace Creek Quilting! Lilo and her team are the lovely people behind a good bit of my quilt samples and there's a good reason for it. Even if you don’t end up winning the grand prize, it is totally worth it to check TCQ out!


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Week 4 | Sky Cabin SAL

 It’s Week 4 of the Sky Cabin SAL and this is a super fun one!

This week, we are diving into sewing Half Rectangle Triangles (HRTs for short). HRT blocks are constructed way differently than HSTs, so it is super important to read through the HRT section of the pattern thoroughly before beginning. And of course, read through this blog after you’ve taken a look at the pattern to get some extra tips!

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Week 3 | Sky Cabin SAL

Hello hello! Welcome to Week 3 of the Sky Cabin SAL!

How’s everyone feeling after sewing up the log cabin blocks? If you tried out chain-piecing for the first time last week - was it as life-changing as we said it would be? Now that you’ve mastered chain-piecing, you’ll get to apply it to sewing up the Half Square Triangle (HST) Blocks this week!

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Week 2 | Sky Cabin SAL

I loved seeing the fabric pulls and mock-ups you all have put together! I even saw that some of you were able to snag yourself one of the amazing quilt kits available last week. Lucky you! Get yourself a snack (preferable one that doesn’t stain your fabric) and a drink (again, preferably one that doesn’t stain your fabric.. ha!) and let’s get to Week 2!

We will be diving into cutting our fabrics and sewing up the log cabin blocks this week! I know that sounds like a lot for one week, but trust me - the cutting is quick and simple and the log cabins come together swiftly with chain-piecing. 

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WEEK 1 | Sky Cabin Quilt SAL

Here are the Sky Cabin Sew Along details:

  • Who: You creative bunch of quilters + us over here at Toad & Sew!
  • When: July 18th - August 21st (5 weeks total)
  • Where: There will be a weekly newsletter and blog post available each Monday! We will be sharing over on Instagram using the #SkyCabinSAL hashtag!
  • How: To participate, you will be making a throw or larger Sky Cabin quilt with us all. To enter your name in the drawing for the grand prize, you will need to post the weekly photo by Sunday night of that week! Feel free to post more photos than the weekly one! At the end of the SAL, there will be a final blog post where we will feature some of the quilts you all make! Make sure your profile is set to “public” and you use the #SkyCabinSAL hashtag so we can see your pretty pictures!
  • Grand prize: Each week we will reveal a new piece of the prize! At the end of the SAL, we will put together a list of all SAL participants that posted all weekly photos and draw one lucky name! But I mean, everyone's a winner after making yourself a snazzy Sky Cabin quilt!
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