Week 5 | Sky Cabin SAL

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Intro to Week 5  

It’s the final week of the Sky Cabin SAL!

By the end of this week, we all will have a finished quilt top!! So exciting! And, just for the heck of it, here’s another gif to express my excitement:

Last reminder 🥲 but one lucky quilter will win the grand prize we’ve put together for you all at the end of the sew along. In order to enter your name in the drawing for the grand prize, you will need to post the weekly photo by Sunday night of that week! Make sure your profile is set to “public” and you use the #SkyCabinSAL hashtag so we can see your pretty pictures!

This is the final piece of the grand prize and definitely worth the wait!

Our Week 5 grand prize reveal is free longarming and batting from the amazing Trace Creek Quilting! Lilo and her team are the lovely people behind a good bit of my quilt samples and there's a good reason for it. Even if you don’t end up winning the grand prize, it is totally worth it to check TCQ out!

Sky Cabin Sew Along Schedule

Block Construction

  • Use the color guide - it can be super easy to make a mistake when putting your blocks together. To prevent these errors, I recommend keeping this color guide handy. Check your work using the diagram to 1) ensure that the log cabin is oriented the correct way and 2) your Color 4 and Color 3 HRTs are in the appropriate corners of the whole block. I highly suggest coloring the reference block on Page 5 before beginning!

  •  Make a test block - take some time before sewing all of the blocks together to make yourself a test block. This will give you a feel for what the block construction will be like PLUS it acts as a block reference for all following blocks! Read Christina’s thoughts on this:
  • Press seams open - I know, I know… don't hate me but this pattern honestly does best with seams pressed open!! It'll make sewing the blocks all together a little more straightforward and help with the converging seams from the HSTs and HRTs. But if nesting seams is your jam then feel free to also use that method!

  • Stack and sew - think of this as creating a pseudo assembly line for yourself. Lay out and stack your block pieces like this to create little piles to work with. From here, you’d just grab from your piles and chain-piece everything as you go! Quick, organized, and simple!

Quilt Top Assembly

  • Sew according to your selected design option - you all aren’t bound to a particular design option for this! Feel free to choose which one works best for you! Just make sure to pick one and stick to it though! Unless your design choice is wonky stars, you don’t want to be surprised at the end of your sewing! Here are examples of each option:

  • Nest your blocks - the top is sewn together in rows. Make sure to pay attention to the direction the blocks are pressed in each row. You want to make sure that they are pressed in opposite directions to allow your seams to nest. Not only does this help you line your seams up, but it reduces bulk! So, it’s a win-win situation!
  • Stay-stitch your top - staystitching, for those that don’t know, is the act of sewing a straight seam through a single layer of fabric to prevent distortion. This is applicable to quilt tops when they have a lot of exposed seams around the edge. This single stitch is super helpful for your longarmer. It basically reinforces your seams so they aren’t stretched or pulled apart in any way! I promise, they will thank you! 

I am feeling all sorts of emotions about this SAL coming to an end! I have loved seeing your progress photos, and I’m so excited to see all of the finished quilt tops in the #SkyCabinSAL hashtag! Don’t forget that I will be putting together a blog post featuring some of y’all’s quilts, so please feel free to tag me in your quilt top pictures!!

 As a reminder, we have some longarm quilting discounts for your SAL Sky Cabin quilts! Make sure to take advantage of these deals while you can! They are both phenomenal quilters!

  • Trace Creek Quilting will be offering 25% off your longarm quilting for any Sky Cabin quilt that arrives by September 30th, 2022!
  • Quilts Made With Love will also be offering 25% off your longarm quilting for any Sky Cabin quilt that arrives by September 30th, 2022!

And last, but not least…

A HUGE THANK YOU to Christina of Kindred Quilt Co. for making this SAL possible! In case you all missed it - she is the quilter behind the Sky Cabin quilt and pictures you’ve been seeing throughout this SAL! She’s been a rockstar of a quilter and friend and we wouldn’t have had this fun SAL without her! Go give her a follow on Instagram and spam her with so much love!


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