Toad Circle Membership

Toad Circle Membership

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This is a space where hobbies combine. The book club + mystery quilt SAL is an event that opens once every 3 months. It consists of an 8 week long book club + SAL with lots of extra goodies along the way!

+ Discord membership

+ Access to all community channels (except for premium Toadster channels)

+ SAL Book

+ Free monthly printable

+ Bonus pattern between SAL's

+ Guess the Design Challenge (GTDC) with prizes

+ Informative and casual Zoom Circle meetings

+ Everything from Toadlets Tier PLUS

+ Access to premium Toadster Discord channels

+ Ability to see the pattern during Week 1 (OPTIONAL)

+ Access to a library of Mystery Quilt SAL patterns*

+ Access to T&S pattern releases a day early with 20% off

*Will contain a revolving year's worth of free content. Toad Circle releases 4 a year + 4 bonus patterns. The Toad Circle Library is still growing as we are still in our first year of activity. This will be more applicable in future years.e the pattern here

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