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Pantone - Cardamom Seed

I'll be honest, this green isn't one that I typically reach for, but when I do, I'm reminded of how grounded and calming it is. It's a great warm tone that pairs well with many other colors. When I was creating my Art Gallery Fabric Sewcialite Bundle, Nostalgia, this Garden Fern color was a last-minute addition. I felt like the bundle needed something to bridge the gap between the warm and cool tones. Once I added this color between the yellows and cooler greens and blues, I felt like the entire palette just clicked into place!

When it comes to pairing, earthy green offers several options that come to mind. Warm neutrals, such as sandy beige or deep browns, work well. Alternatively, juxtaposing it with crisp whites or soft grays lends a more contemporary edge to it, as opposed to a down-to-earth ambiance. For those seeking a bolder statement, integrating earthy green with accents of terracotta, peach, or salmon tones can lead to a fun, dynamic color palette.

One of my favorite examples using this green is from my Sky Cabin Quilt. I paired it with olive oil and warm oranges that reminded me of apricots on a summer day! These tones together just screamed calming, earthy, and bold. Check it out below!


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Color Schemes

The Pantone color - Cardamom Seed - lends itself so well to warm, earthy color palettes. Check out how I built out these type of colors palettes with a fun, funky surprise one for the third!


Garden Fairy

The Fairy Garden palette is all about those dreamy, nature-inspired vibes that make you think of secret, enchanted places. With a mix of whimsical pinks and gentle greens, it's perfect for quilts that you want to wrap around your shoulders like a sprinkle of magic.


Golden Forest

The Golden Forest palette is like a little slice of autumn's best, with its rich, earthy tones and pops of golden sunlight. These colors are ideal for quilts that you want to snuggle under as you sip a warm mug of cider or to hang up and bring a touch of the forest’s serene majesty indoors.


Festive and Funky

The Festive and Funky palette is like Christmas morning wrapped in the funkiest wrapping paper you can find! This palette is just the thing for holiday quilts that want to break from tradition but keep the spirit alive. Picture a snazzy throw for those cozy December movie nights, or a wall hanging that jazzes up the usual holiday decor.


Sky Cabin Colors

Pulling colors from my Sky Cabin cover quilt, this palette is all about those easy-breezy mountain getaway feels. It’s a collection of shades that scream cozy evenings by the fire. It's perfect for creating that relaxed vibe in any space, giving you that ‘ahh’ moment every time you see it or snuggle under it. Just pure mountain-cabin comfort, no filter needed.


Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest palette is all about those deep, soulful vibes you get when you're tucked away in a coastal forest. It's a cool blend of misty sea tones and earthy forest feels. Just perfect for quilts that you'll want to burrow under while the rain taps at the windows, or for that wall piece that turns your room into a tranquil hideaway.