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The Sky Cabin Quilt is now available in the shop and ready for purchase! This pattern is based off of the log cabin block, a well-known and traditional block in the quilting community. I wanted to bring a modern and unique twist to the classic block, which was more challenging than I expected! I played around with different shapes bordering the traditional center and eventually landed on a combination of HRTs and HSTs. Once I repeated the block, the secondary star pattern just came to life!

This quilt is filled with many memories, a sewing retreat with great friends, a road trip to Idaho, and saying yes to a proposal! I love how quilts will forever put a pin in a specific moment of my life and I’ll be able to hold onto that memory as long as I can.

Now let's talk quilt details:

This pattern is rated as Advanced Beginner because of the half-right-triangles (HRTs) and matching points. It is definitely important to have your ¼” seam allowance consistent, especially while constructing your log cabin blocks. It’s a great quilt to learn new skills like sewing HRTs, making the traditional log cabin block, matching points, and chain-piecing!

If you’re looking to learn these skills in more detail, T&S will be running a Sky Cabin Quilt SAL starting July 18th, 2022. Keep reading to find out more details about how to sign-up!

The pattern comes in five different sizes:

  • Wall Hanging: 36” x 36”
  • Baby: 45" x 45"
  • Throw: 72” x 72”
  • Queen: 90” x 90"
  • King: 108” x 108”

Want to replicate the cover? All fabric is AGF Pure Solids:

  • Color 1 - Coconut Milk
  • Color 2  - Georgia Peach
  • Color 3  - Garden Fern
  • Color 4  - Marmalade
  • Color 5  - Olive Oil
  • Color 6  - Coffee Bean

Colors behind the cover quilt 

I always like to briefly touch on how I came up with the colors of all my cover quilts. A lot of time, thought, and energy goes into making sure I’m happy with the final product. Some aspects of this color palette feel true to me - the pinks and oranges, but then the greens are atypical for me. I’ve used greens in the past but they have always been on the cooler side or just as accent colors. I just felt like the papaya vibes of this quilt felt like the epitome of summer. 

So why do these colors work so well together?

They’re analogous! See the color wheel below. Oranges and greens lay on the same side of the color wheel as each other making them complement each other really well. I don’t feel like this color palette is used in a lot of places, compared to the much loved sister palette of green/pink. I think because the peach color has some pink undertones it makes it work that much more!

Per usual, I like to show the values of this palette, because arguably that's more important than the colors themselves. Once I put it in b/w, you can really see how the background and peach color just kind of fall together and leave some space for your eyes to rest. This allows room for the rest of the colors to pop and create that beloved secondary star pattern.

TIP: Try to always put your mock-ups AND/OR fabric pull into a b/w filter before you cut! Does it work in b/w? 


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