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The Joplin Quilt is a skill-building pattern that comes jam-packed with lots of different techniques. It is a great pattern to play with bold colors, learn some new skills, and have a blast while doing it! This pattern is rated for the intermediate sewer because of bias edges, and unique methods that are used throughout the quilt.

The Joplin pattern is actually built around the Simone Quilt block by @Taraleequiltery. The Simone Quilt, originally named the Kitchen Sink Quilt, uses many different quilting techniques all strategically placed into one block! Tara reached out to me a while ago about partnering up with the pattern and what better way to celebrate our individual styles and business’ by offering a pattern bundle! I built off of her block and added my own flare and techniques into the mix to offer a completely new design, even though it stems from the same block!

Joplin is part of a bundle of two patterns, Summer of Love Quilts, written by Toad and Sew and Tara Lee Quiltery. See #SummerOfLoveQuilts, #JoplinQuilt, and #SimoneQuilt for more inspiration.




Joplin Fabric Requirements

This kit will be available in my shop Sept. 9th!

All fabrics are AGF pure solids:

  • Color 1: Coconut Milk
  • Color 2: Chocolate
  • Color 3: Crystal Pink
  • Color 4: Cactus Honey
  • Color 5: Morning Frost
  • Color 6: Honey
  • Color 7: Tiger Lily 

The sister pattern - Simone Quilt by Tara Lee Quiltery

Simone is a fat quarter friendly pattern that features many different traditional block elements to create a striking design. Placement of pieces cut from the fat quarters are rotated throughout the blocks, so that each block has a different feel but also leads from one block to the next.

 Each size quilt includes one extra unused block which can be used for other projects. Included within the pattern are instructions on how to use the extra block to make a pocket on the back of the finished quilt to create a quillow. Also included are instructions for creating just a single block and also creating a half-sized block for smaller projects. 

Simone Fabric requirements

How the bundle works

The patterns will be offered as a BUNDLE only and will be available for purchase on both Tara and I’s site. They showcase our different styles in both pattern designing and writing. You may notice that there are a lot of differences between how we write, layout, and approach pattern writing. For me this shows that there is definitely not a black/white way of writing a successful pattern and every designer you come across will have a slightly different way of doing things!

There are so many different creative outlets you can take advantage of with having both of these patterns in your library! Including:

  • A quillow - yes you heard that right… a pocket on the back of your quilt that you can fold the quilt into to make a pillow
  • Six total different quilt sizes/options
  • Directions on how to make a sweatshirt backpatch
  • And lots more!

The names - (Janice) Joplin & (Nina) Simone

We felt that these patterns had a folksy and cheerful vibe to them and the 1960s-1970s felt like an appropriate era for these patterns to live in. We picked out our favorite female artists from that era and ran with it! Both Janice Joplin and Nina Simone lived complicated lives, involving drug use, racial injustices, mental health issues, and much more. Creatives don’t often give themselves enough credit for what they’ve accomplished and I like to say it's a little bit like a curse needing to create all the time but never feeling worthy of it at the same time. Whether you’re a rock star, painter, or quilt pattern designer, that underlying imposter syndrome may always be there!

Now although these two may have had somewhat controversial histories, we can’t ignore the magic that they created for their time period! Enjoy some of their music, along with other empowering female artists from the 1960s-1980s with our #summeroflovequilts playlist on Spotify!

Joplin Quilt Summer of Love Quilts

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