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Once upon a time, my partner and I irrationally and spontaneously bought a 1988 Itasca Sundancer (RV) named Linda, to go on a 2,000+ mile road trip with a few of our friends. We knew absolutely nothing about RVs… but we knew it’d be a lot of fun and a memorable experience. It was on this long road trip to Utah that the first sketches of the Open Road quilt were born.

Sketchin’ in Linda

Sketchin’ in Linda

At this point in my quilting ‘career,’ I had just started writing the New Years Kiss Quilt. I didn’t even know if people were going to like it but I had so much fun writing it, I thought I’d keep sketching up more ideas. I probably filled 10 pages ofOriginal Open Road Sketch ideas during that road trip but something about this pattern really stuck and I just couldn’t wait to drag it into Illustrator and start mocking it up!

Whenever I see this pattern I think back to the crazy and intense road trip with Linda. Now even though Linda had to move on with her life, as did we, those memories will forever live through the Open Road Quilt.

Here are a few pictures from our road trip with Linda. Yes, she made it home… but barely (that’s a whole other story)😭


Now Let’s Talk About Open Road Details

The Open Road Quilt is rated for confident beginners due to the bias edges of HSTs, flying geese, and point matching. Although, I would like to mention that if you’ve been wanting to make the New Years Kiss Quilt and have been intimidated by it, this is a great stepping stone quilt to build some of those key skills. This modern quilt is ready for you to throw in your car, grab some road trip snacks, and take it on a journey!


Check out the fabric requirements…

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XO 🐸

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