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Pantone - Eggshell Blue

This July, we’re embracing a refreshing vibe with our color of the month: Eggshell Blue! This Pantone shade feels like a gentle breeze on a warm day - calm, soothing, and effortlessly elegant. It's ideal for bringing a tranquil touch to your quilts, whether you're aiming for a serene focal point or just a subtle accent.

I often find myself gravitating toward tones similar to Eggshell Blue in my quilts. It's such an easy-to-use color as it complements color palettes so well. Match it with crisp whites or soft grays for a clean, classic look. Or, if you’re in the mood for something different, combine it with gentle pastels like blush pink or lavender for a dreamy, soothing palette. It's all about experimenting to find what works best for you.

Check out how Eggshell Blue can accentuate your quilts below. Let’s welcome this shade of the summer to our quilting projects this July!


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Color Schemes

Check out how I like to use the Pantone color - Eggshell Blue - in the newest Toad & Sew quilt pattern: Cascade Bloom!


Blueberry Pie

The "Blueberry Pie" palette—it's dreamy and delicious! Picture the soft, serene vibes of Ethereal Pink and Wisteria, mixed with the rich shades of Amethyst and Blueberry Zest. Ocean Fog adds a refreshing pop, while Slate gives a deep, grounding touch. This palette embodies the warmth and sweetness of your favorite desert while remaining sophisticated and modern!


The Cover One

"The Cover One" palette refers to the cover quilt of the Cascade Bloom quilt pattern! It bursts with warmth and vibrant energy. The soft, cozy feel of Georgia Peach and Marmalade mixed with the bright and lively Tigerlily give this palette a youthful feel. Ocean Fog adds a cool, refreshing splash, while Swimming Pool brings in those deep, calming shades that evoke the essence of nature. This palette is perfect for quilts that capture the magic of summer camp—sunny days, refreshing swims, and evenings by the campfire.


Emerald Lake

The "Emerald Lake" palette is a refreshing mix of serene and invigorating hues. Snow brings a crisp, clean brightness, while Appletini and Dark Citron offer the lush, earthy tones reminiscent of forested lake shores. Ocean Fog and Icy Mint add a cool, soothing touch, perfectly balanced by the deeper, tranquil shade of Swimming Pool. This palette captures the essence of a peaceful lakeside retreat, blending the freshness of nature with the calming waters of an emerald lake.



The "Rosewater" palette is a lovely mix of soft and bright colors. Imagine the gentle feel of Ethereal Pink and Blossomed, paired with the lively pop of Flamingo. Ocean Fog adds a cool touch, and Denim Blue and Nocturnal give it some depth. It's like experiencing a romantic date in a rose garden at sunset.