jan. toadspo

Pantone - Onyx Black

This year, we're shaking things up with Toadspos by focusing on a single color each month! We'll explore various ways to incorporate that particular color into your creative pursuits, whether it's knitting, quilting, garment sewing, or more. I'm excited to guide you through different color schemes featuring that hue and inspire you to integrate it into your own projects.

For this month, our spotlight is on a color that's not traditionally considered a color at all – black! Personally, I don't often use black in my projects because it tends to be stark and can dominate the composition. However, I believe there are numerous creative ways to leverage it, and I'm eager to explore them with you.


Color Schemes


Pretty in Pink

The palette combines shades ranging from soft pastels to bold fuchsias, complemented by sleek black accents, exuding femininity and sophistication, perfect for adding glamour to any space or design.


Pacific Northwest

The palette includes serene blues, lush greens, warm golds, and deep blacks, capturing the region's rugged charm. Inspired by coastal waters and towering forests, these colors bring a timeless essence to any space.


80s Girlie

The palette includes vibrant pinks, chic black, bold blue, and neon yellow, capturing the energetic spirit of 80s fashion. With its dynamic mix, it adds a nostalgic yet contemporary flair to any design or space.