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Pantone - Peach Fuzz

This year, we're shaking things up with Toadspos by focusing on a single color each month! We'll explore various ways to incorporate that particular color into your creative pursuits, whether it's knitting, quilting, garment sewing, or more. I'm excited to guide you through different color schemes featuring that hue and inspire you to integrate it into your own projects.

This month, our spotlight is on the Pantone Color of the Year - Peach Fuzz! Chosen for its soft palette, neutrality, and warmth, it's a perfect fit for February. Personally, I find its versatility appealing, seamlessly blending into any color palette with its subtle soft tone. Peach Fuzz complements blues and greens beautifully while adding a lighter value to warm hues. Right now, I'm trying to channel my inner Peach Fuzz for that soothing and comforting vibe!

At Toad and Sew, the color peach holds a special place. Here are a few examples of how I've incorporated it into my palette in the past.


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Color Schemes

Peach Fuzz can be a very versatile color to use in your quilts. I love to throw the color peach into a lot of my designs. Here are some examples of how the color peach can soften and round out a color palette.


Peachy Christmas

The Peachy Christmas palette reflects ripe peaches, evergreen foliage, and a winter sky, embodying the festive spirit with a cozy twist.


Spring Peaches

The Spring Peach palette blends soft peach, radiant gold, and deep purple, capturing the vibrancy of blossoming flowers and springtime sunlight to infuse spaces with the energy of the season.


Retro Peach

The Retro Peach palette combines warm peach, sunny yellow, and rich brown, evoking nostalgic charm with a cozy, retro flair in modern designs.