Toad-Spo 2022

TOAD-SPO - December '22

I'm going to call this palette “accidental Christmas” or maybe “Christmas-ish”? I wish the entire world was filled with as much color as a Mediterranean ...

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TOAD-SPO - September '22

Featuring Artist: Jessica Poundstone I don't know if color is something that comes ‘naturally' to people, or if it is something that is learned and...

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TOAD-SPO - August '22

Artist: Sarah Robbins When I moved to Seattle, I had big dreams of becoming a muralist, illustrator, painter, etc-  and quilting really wasn't on my...

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TOAD-SPO - July '22

This month's palette is actually inspired by my Sky Cabin release! I thought the colors I chose for the cover were bright and fun, just...

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TOAD-SPO - May '22

One place that I've never really thought to look for color inspiration was movies. Maybe it's because I'm actually not really a movie person, or...

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TOAD-SPO - April '22

As someone living up here in the PNW - April is a hard month. You so desperately want warm weather, sunshine, and to go outside...

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TOAD-SPO - March '22

Artist: Colleen Elizabeth Art   When I think of March, I think of GREEN! You can smell spring in the air, trees are starting to...

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TOAD-SPO - February '22

Artist: Brett Stenson As many of you know, I am obsessed with thrifting! I love going to second-use stores and finding old, vintage, forgotten-about pieces...

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TOAD-SPO - January '22

Happy New Year! For this month’s Toad-Spo color scheme, I chose to celebrate the Pantone and Kona color of the year - PURPLE! Honestly, I’ve...

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