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This month's Toad-Spo is inspired by the place I call home - the PNW! The blues, greens, and grays feel like the epitome of life here in March! Keep reading to see where the palette came from (wink wink it's photos of the PNW from one of my fav. photographers)! 


This color palette is directly influenced by one of my favorite photographers (and people) ever, Alexa Ann Photo! Lexi is a great friend who welcomed me almost immediately upon moving to Seattle! She is one of the most talented wedding/elopement photographers I know and constantly blows me away with her breathtaking photos. I don't typically work with cooler neutrals so I love that her photos really inspired and brought that inner PNW color scheme out of me! Want to see more of her work? Check out her Instagram!



Our March Maker, Mayre, went with the Gambit Quilt for this month's Toad-Spo. This was such an appropriate pattern to feature since it was just re-released in my shop this month! 

The fabrics we used are Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Solids in the colors Celestial, Patina Green, Spruce, and Forest Night.

The Gambit Quilt seems a little scary with how many piece labels are included in the pattern. But we promise, it's not that bad!! Mayre did such a good job showing how organized everything is when you use the piece labels. 

The quilting of this Gambit Quilt was stitched up by the awesome Ashley Perkins of Hen House Quilting. She always does such an amazing job with our quilts and we can't recommend her work enough!

Ashley provided us with a handful of quilting ideas, but it's always so hard to choose just one! After a little bit of discussion, we landed on the Even Flow pantograph!

The backing fabric for the March Toad-Spo sample is Art Gallery Fabrics from the Her & History collection by Bonnie Christine. We thought Evelyns Green Thumb would be the perfect backing fabric pairing for this mountain-inspired color palette!

The binding is Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Solids in the color Dried Moss. Aside from the color fitting in with the month's Toad-Spo palette, the name also seems to fit the inspiration too! 

So, what do you think? Is this mountainy Gambit Quilt perfect or what? Let us know what you think in the comments below! And if you'd like to see more quilt mockups in this month's color palette, keep scrolling!

If you’d like to make this quilt a reality, please contact one of these shops!



Meet our featured maker for March Mayre Perez! Mayre is part of the Toad & Sew tester crew for 2023! Mayre learned the basics of sewing from her grandmother, but really dove into quilting 3 years ago at the start of the pandemic. Since then, she has developed her own go-to color palette that consists of deep forest and mossy greens and caramel tones paired with black and white for balance. She finds her creative inspiration in nature and architecture, mixing the organic shapes of plants with the crisp lines in architecture.

While she is sewing, you'll most liking find her also listening to an audiobook, watching her favorite tv show, or daydreaming about what quilty superpower she'd like to have! And of course, right beside her is her quilty supervisor, Sabrina! Sabrina is a 8 pound Pomeranian mix that loves napping on Mayre's cutting table and modeling with all of her projects.

Be on the lookout for Mayre in the quilty world - she aspires to launch a quilted art collection inspired by landscapes and architecture. You can check out what she currently has to offer in her shop. And if you want to be her quilty friend, we definitely recommend giving her a follow on Instagram!














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