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If you've been following me over the past year, or even a few months for that matter, you may know that the name 'Welcome Home' stems from the fact that we just bought a house! After two years of living here, we decided to make the country-wide transition a little more permanent by buying our first home together here in the PNW. This quilt doesn't just commemorate our new house but it also takes inspiration from the state of the country feeling a little more 'normal' through the recovery of the pandemic.

During the holidays this time last year, most families were celebrating the over video-chats and/or deprived of traditional gatherings. Wherever the holidays may bring you this year, I hope this quilt can welcome you with arms wide open and give you a sense of home — even if it's a nostalgic one.

Now Let’s Talk Details…
While designing the Welcome Home quilt I had a couple of parameters I wanted to stick to. First I wanted it to be FQ friendly, secondly, I wanted it to be block-based, and lastly have vintage winter vibes. These guidelines helped formulate the pattern that it eventually came to be, plus it added an extra layer to the designing process that I have not dealt with in the past. I love that every new pattern I write faces new challenges that force me to learn as a pattern writer, as well as, evolve my problem-solving skills. With that, I'm hoping it also brings different skill-sets and techniques to your sewing as well.

In terms of choosing colors, this pattern offers three-different design options in regards to the number of tones to choose from. Design Option 1 is shown in the cover quilt and consists of two backgrounds tones and 3 additional tones. Design Option 2 is made up of FQs which consist of two background tones and then 18 different FQs - if choosing 18 colors overwhelms you, try picking 9-1/2 yards and cutting them in half to create your own 18 FQs. Lastly, Design Option 3 is a bonus option that is made up of two background tones + two tones for Block A and two tones for Block B. 

Design Options:
color theory release welcome home quilt

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