How To Make A Block of the Month Series

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So, you want to host a Block of the Month (BOM) but have no idea where to start? I can help! One of the best ways to do this is by using a pre-existing quilt pattern and breaking it up into monthly tasks. Lucky for you - one of my quilt patterns was originally a BOM for my local guild, Seattle Modern Quilt Guild! I'll break down exactly how my Diamond Flare quilt pattern was used as a BOM program. Then, you can get started right away in sewing up a Diamond Flare quilt with your closest quilting friends!

Turning a quilt pattern into a Block of the Month sew along is a fun way to work on a big project with your local guild or quilty friends. Here's how you can do it:


BOM: Block of the Month

SAL: Sew-along

Guild: Local quilting community that you usually have to pay to be apart of - they offer meet-ups and are a great opportunity to meet quilters to your area!

Step 1: Get the Pattern

First, everyone is going to need the Diamond Flare pattern! If you're guild is running a BOM SAL reach out to me, and I can offer a bulk discount link for your group! You can learn more about the Diamond Flare quilt pattern below.

Step 2: Schedule and Plan

Decide how long you'd like this SAL to be; in my case, my local guild did a year-long BOM, which means you will simply replace "week" with "month" in the following schedule. Each week (or month), you will be assigned a different section or task from the pattern. By the end of the SAL, you'll have a finished quilt top ready to be basted, quilted, and bound! This systematic approach not only helps in managing the project over a set period but also allows you to appreciate the gradual progression of your skills and the quilt's development.

Here is a pre-made schedule that outlines which block will be made each week (or month). Share this plan with your group so everyone knows what to expect and can prepare their fabrics and supplies. I also included a downloadable SAL guide you can save!

Step 3: Assign Roles

Decide if someone will lead the sew along, perhaps rotating leaders each month. The leader can offer tips, demonstrate techniques, and keep the group on track.

Step 4: Kick-Off Meeting

Hold a meeting to start the sew along. Discuss the pattern, show examples of the blocks, and answer any questions. This is also a great time for members to pick out their fabrics together.

If you need some help in planning your fabric choices, QuiltInk and Quilt Mockup Tool have Diamond Flare available to play around with. Both of these online coloring and mockup tools are free to use!

Step 5: Monthly Check-Ins

Each month, get together to work on the new block. These meetings are a chance to help each other, share progress, and enjoy the company of fellow quilters.

Step 6: Show and Tell

Encourage members to show off their completed blocks. This not only celebrates progress but also inspires others.

Step 7: Celebrate!

When the final quilt(s) are assembled, celebrate your hard work. Maybe even organize a quilt show to display your creations!

Remember, the key to a successful Block of the Month sew along is good planning, clear communication, and a lot of fun! If you and your quilting friends do this, I'd love to hear about it! Feel free to tag @toadandsew on Instagram with all of your pictures and videos.

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