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The Rocky Coast Quilt is now available in the shop and ready for purchase! This pattern is based off of HRTs (Half Right Triangles) and HSTs (Half Square Triangles) and is rated for the confident beginner. This means that maybe it’s not your first or second quilt, but your third one is a safe bet! This modern quilt pattern would fit well in any home - there are endless color possibilities to choose from to make this trendy quilt fit your unique style!

As some of you may know, I grew up in the northeast, the Philadelphia area to be exact. My extended family mostly lies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Over the years my parents, grandma, brother, and I have moved out of the area and spread across the entire U.S. and so it’s getting harder and harder to see my extended family. I wish I could mostly blame COVID, but the reality is, it was difficult to get everyone together even before COVID hit. 
Thankfully, my memories are filled with happy little snippets of my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins during our yearly vacation down the shore in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Some of my most treasured memories are walking the beach with my Pop Pop and Grandma searching for shells, sea glass, and crabs. So in memory of my late Pop Pop, Rocky Massimini, I named this quilt the Rocky Coast Quilt - a multifaceted title to celebrate his time on Earth. 
Now I’m close to a slightly different coast with new memories being formed but I know my Pop Pop would be so proud of where I am today!
Now let's talk quilt details: 

This quilt is pretty straightforward - meaning you’re using only two different techniques the whole time and then piecing them together! Once you get the hang of making the HRTs it will be smooth sailing from there! There are plenty of diagrams to walk you through each step of the HRT process. My suggestion is to put on a binge-worthy show and trim all your HST and HRT at the same time! Some may find trimming daunting but it can actually be quite therapeutic if you get in the zone.

The pattern comes in five different sizes: 

  • Baby: 49" x 49"
  • Small Throw: 63” x 68”
  • Large Throw: 72” x 77”
  • Twin: 72” x 90”
  • Queen: 88” x 90"

    Picking out colors:

    This quilt has a total of 11 colors - two of which are background ‘tones.’ With this being said you can easily make Color 1 and Color 2 the same colors to have a consistent background throughout the whole quilt. I personally love the look of the dual background tones, plus it allows for lots of opportunities to play with value. 


    The color diagram is set up in odd and even numbers. For the cover quilt - the odd numbers are the darker tones, and the even numbers are a lighter companion color. If you’re struggling to pick out 11 total colors, divide them up into pairs.

    Start by picking five main colors and one background color. Once you have your five main colors picked out, pair them up with a lighter monochromatic color (i.e. dark blue paired with a light blue). This will ensure the pattern reads properly! You can do the same with the background colors - pick out a light background value and a medium background value to add depth to your quilt!

    For Color 11, you will not need to find a pair - this is your center two rows. The center rows are great for adding an extra pop to your quilt! By making this color your ‘pop’ color, you are drawing attention towards the center of your quilt and the pattern will naturally lead your eye outward from there. 

    Color 3 (bottom and top borders) is your darkest value - although, if you want to play around and mix things up you can also make this a light value! For the example below, I chose to go with a dark/medium tone for Color 1 and 2 (background colors) and a light tone for Color 3. By swapping these values it gives the pattern a completely different feel! See the tester version by @taraleequiltery for an example! 



    The cover:

    All fabric is AGF Pure Solids

    • Color 1 - White Linen
    • Color 2  - Creme de la Creme
    • Color 3  - Moonstone
    • Color 4  - Smooth Pebble
    • Color 5  - Golden Bronze
    • Color 6  - Macchiato
    • Color 7  - Dried Carrot
    • Color 8  - Apricot Crepe
    • Color 9  - Quartz Pink
    • Color 10 - Blushing
    • Color 11 - Atmospheric

     Purchase a kit!


    Want to color your own?
    Check out the pattern on QuiltInk! 

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